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Find a body painter who provides quality body painting services for events and parties in your local area. We only list body painters who use the proper products and provide highly skilled body painting designs.

Body painting to promote: In today’s extremely competitive business world, companies in any industry have to treat their potential clients with as much care and attention as they would treat their own personal guests during a private party; basically they have to find fun and exciting ways to keep their clients entertained during a promotional event. Body painting provides the perfect service to introduce and promote any product or company in a fun and extremely exciting new way for both kids and adult events of all ages in United States.

Body painting is the new eye candy for all types of event and parties: Body painting is also being used during high fashion modeling shows in United States. This creates a much more intriguing and entertaining show for the buyers, designers and the rest of the fashion world to see. Also, many people are getting this amazing art form to entertain guests during private parties that have nothing to do with promoting a product. Body painting is an exciting new classy service to entertain any type of adult party in United States. You can have beautiful cocktail waitresses fully body painted walking around your party serving drinks and giving your guests something new for your eyes to see. It will make your private party that much classier and fun. Guests will talk about your party for days and will want to add body painting to their events as well.

There are many online stores for body painters to shop for all of their body painting products and supplies. We have listed most of the top online body art stores so that artists will have access to everything in the body painting industry. We are always going to try adding the newest online stores as we move forward. Keep in mind that buying your products online gives you a chance to relax and really read about the product you’re interested in owning without having someone hover over you. All these websites that sale body painting products do a great job in giving you an idea of what materials the body painting products are made of and the quality of it. You can also buy body painting bags, stencils, cleaning supplies, body painting aprons, gem, glitter to add a finish touch, airbrush guns, books, DVD’s, different paint brushes and many other body painting products to provide clients with amazing body painting services at events and parties. Some online stores sale specific products and some stores sale just about everything you can think of. So it’s up to you to decide where to shop depending on what you need at that moment and your current budget. There are many different conventions that take place in the body art industry all around the world. You can attend these body painting conventions to take classes to better your body art and marketing plans, to meet many amazing artists in the industry and to buy the newest body painting products. You can also go to body painting conventions as a vendor if you sale products or offer a service related to this amazing artistic industry.

*Here are a few more examples to consider before booking a body painter for your event in your local area; find out what the body painter of your choice charges and try to stay within your budget. Let the body painter know exactly how many models you want painted and ask how long it will take to paint each model. You might need two or three body painters according to how big your event is and how many models you need painted. Don’t try to look for the cheapest price because you might end up in a lot of trouble. You either do it right and get quality body painters or you don’t do it at all. Believe me, body painting is not something you want to gamble with. Ask how many years of experience they have and ask them to tell you a bit about who they are. A quick phone interview will give you a sense of the artist’s personality. The attitude of a body painter is just as important as their actual work. So try to find a combination of both their attitude and quality work in United States. Ask to see some examples of the body painter’s work. A qualified body painter will always have a place online where you can see their work. Ask the body painter if he or she uses safe products that are not harmful to the skin. This is the most important question you should always ask a body painter for the safety of your guests. A qualified body painter should always arrive with a table and chair set-up. Ask how many colors the body painter uses. Some basic body painters only use a 5 color palette while more advanced body painters have about 15 or more body painting colors. Also ask how they come dressed to events; most body painters are very flexible and will dress according to the type of event you are having. Let them know what you would want them to wear and see if you can come to an agreement.

Communicating is the key to having a successful body painting experience: If you’re on a budget and you want to advertise using body painters, you might want to consider just body painting a small part of the models body. It’s better to body paint just the back of a model or the front depending on the design or message you wish to promote. This will save you a lot of money and will allow you to body paint more models in a short time period. Companies with larger budgets should consider having the models entire bodies painted. Both Styles of body painting will leave a much more lasting impression on your guests and will give you the advantage at any convention where you’re marketing a product and competing against other companies. The final choice is up to you and the advice your body painter gives you from years of experience. The full body painting designs take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and should be done right before an event so the paint will be fresh and have all its color. Remember, that body painting doesn’t mean that the models have to be completely naked. They can be body painted while wearing a bathing suit the entire time, but if you are having an adult only party, you might want to strongly consider having the models only covered up in body paint because that’s the magic that leaves adult guests/clients thrilled and mind boggled on how real the illusions seem.

*Body painting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to provide a fun atmosphere during a promotional event. It attracts large crowds of people because it’s not something you see every day. Instead of calling your average promotional companies which send a cute girl to set up a booth and give out samples and tastings of a new drink or other product in a convention, night club or bar; you can now have a beautiful model covered completely with body paint and promoting your product. Again, body painting is on the cutting edge of the advertising world and it’s just going to get more and more popular with time. In today’s competitive world companies are starting to realize the potential of this new innovative way to advertise. Of course body painting will shock a few people that have never seen it before, but they won't forget the beautiful art work they saw.

Body Painters are starting to display their work in galleries across United States and the rest of the world; breaking into the kind of art you hang on your wall. Most paintings are done using one simple step but body painting takes the mind to a much higher place of art. Think about this for a second, body painters are using 3 different art forms to get to the final picture frame. First, the artist is using a beautiful model of the human body which that alone is already art in its purest form, second the artist is adding amazing colors and beautiful designs onto this beautiful body, third the artist will add a few props into the background to create an amazing effect that will give the picture even more art and finally the artist is using professional photography to bring it all together into a beautiful picture that you can admire and hang on your wall. In time you will start seeing more and more art galleries hanging beautiful body painting pictures. We have started to create our own gallery for you to see and if you are interested in a picture you can try to buy it directly from the artist.

Body painting can be part of the following events: Body paint models during photo shoots and runway shows for the fashion and advertising industry, Body paint models to walk around as entertainment for adult parties, Body paint models to as cocktail waitresses during adult parties, Body paint models to walk around serving drinks and food during a holiday event, Body paint guests and models for Halloween parties, body paint models for teenagers sweet Sixteen and quince parties, Body paint the bride and groom during a highly artistic wedding, Body paint beautiful models to attract clients to your booth during a convention event, Body paint large crowds during Festivals, Body paint models to attract clients during a stores grand opening, Body paint models and guests for adult birthday parties, Body paint cocktail waitresses during engagement Parties, Body paint team logos on fans during sport functions, Body paint models with earthly designs during an environmental fundraiser for global warming, body paint models with animal designs during animal protection fundraisers, Body paint models to provide amazing entertainment services during a celebrity event, body paint the staff that is working at a haunted house during Halloween, body paint beautiful women to appear in music videos or movies, body paint teenagers for Halloween fundraiser dances, body paint cocktail waitresses to serve champaign during adult Christmas parties, body paint models to introduce a new clothing line during a high fashion runway show, body paint models so they can add new pictures to their portfolio, and body paint any other event we haven't mentioned. Basically you can add body painting services to enhance any type of event.

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